Turnitin: Viewing Instructor Turnitin Reports

The Turnitin report gives instructors the ability to check the originality of student submissions and provides additional tools for providing student feedback. This guide will walk you through how to access and use the tools available through the Turnitin report.

In order to receive a Turnitin report for an assignment, you must enable Turnitin while creating the assignment. See the Enabling Turnitin knowledgebase article for information on creating assignments that use Turnitin.

Accessing Turnitin Reports

1. To access Turnitin reports go to your grade book for the class with the Turnitin enabled assignment.
Turnitin Color Icons

Note: Turnitin uses the color of the icon to distinguish originality levels.

Turnitin gradebook view

2. Enter Speedgrader for the selected assignment.

Percentage of submission processed

3. In the student's submission, click on the Similarity Score and this will open a new tab with the Feedback Studio.
If there has been an error with the submission, an exclamation point will appear where the Similarity Score would typically appear. There are multiple reasons for errors to occur including not enough text, wrong file types, or exceeding the 2 MB maximum file size. An option will appear to "Resubmit to Turnitin"
While submissions are being processed and checked by Turnitin, a timer will appear in place of the Similarity Score.

Extensions in Chrome

Feedback Studio Features

In the document you will see sections of the submission highlighted which denote a similarity conflict with another source. The colors coordinate with the source that the match occurred with.

Turnitin menu options

On the right side of the screen, the task bar includes additional functionality to give you a more detailed report.  

Active Layers icon

Active Layers

The first tab on the task bar is the Active Layers. You can choose to show and hide the Similarity or Grading layers in the document.

Quickmarks icon



QuickMarks is a library of pre-generated feedback available in the Feedback Studio. QuickMarks offers a variety of feedback libraries and a search feature to browse for specific feedback.

Quickmark view

To use a QuickMark from the library, select the comment and drag it to the document to the spot that you wish to leave the feedback.

Adding quickmarks in docuement

QuickMarks can also be added by clicking within the document and selecting the QuickMark option.

Quickmarks settings

Create a new QuickMark set of your own feedback:

1. Click on the Settings icon in the QuickMarks window.

Create New Set instructions screenshot

2. In the window that appears, click on the menu in the upper left corner and select Create New Set.

Saving New Set screenshot

3. You will be prompted to name the new set. After adding a name, select Save.

Feedback Summary menu view

You will then be able to create new QuickMarks or add existing QuickMarks to your set.

Feedback Summary

The feedback tool allows you to leave both voice and text comments. 

Voice comment screenshot

Voice comments can be up to three minutes in length and must be recorded in the Feedback Studio (no upload option available). If you are unsatisfied with the recording, delete and re-record a new comment.

Voice Comment tool Screenshot

To add a text comment click in the Text Comment box and begin typing. Hit Enter to add the comment to the submission. After a comment has been submitted it will appear in the Text Comment box.

Text Comment option screenshot

Comments can also be added by clicking within the document and selecting the Comment option.

Chrome Extensions


Turnitin allows you to connect rubrics to your assignments to assist with grading and provide consistent feedback to students.

Rubric Layers

In settings there are several rubrics that have already been created with the option of creating your own rubric.



Match Overview

The Match Overview will show the percent match that the submission had to other sources. Below the overall percentage is a break down by the type of source, either student papers or internet sources. By clicking on the source, it will show the source text and highlight the section that matched. The tab in the task bar will show the percent match as the icon. 

Match Overview


All Sources

The All Sources tab will show you each of the sources that were similar with the submission and the percent match that it had. By clicking on the source, it will show the source text and highlight the section that matched.


All Sources also allows you to exclude selected sources from being considered in the similarity score. Click Exclude Sources, select any sources you would like to exclude. and select Exclude. See the Excluded Sources tab to restore excluded sources.

Sources viewSources student paper omit selection

Filters and Settings

The Filter and Settings allows you to adjust the report to best fit your needs. The available filters include excluding quotes on sources, excluding bibliography on sources, and excluding sources that meet certain criteria set by you including number of words or percent match. The default in this section is to not exclude sources by size. The setting option available is to turn off the multi-color highlighting in the submission. Once you have created the filter and setting options that you prefer, select Apply Changes.

Filters and Settings


Excluded Sources

The Excluded Sources tab allows you to see any of the sources that you might have excluded in the All Sources tab. In this tab, you are able to restore all or selected sources.

Excluded Sources View



Turnitin allows you to download the document you submitted. When you select the download icon, a window will appear with options for downloading the document. 
  • Current View will download the document as a pdf that includes the Turnitin highlighting. 
  • Digital Receipt will download a pdf with document info including author, title, size, word and character count, and submission id and date. 
  • Originally Submitted File will download the original file that you submitted in what ever format you submitted it in. It may take a moment to prepare the document for download. 

Download IconDownload


Submission Information

Clicking the Submission Information icon will open the Submission Details window. This includes the document info including submission id and date, file title, file size, character count, word count, and page count.

More information iconSubmission Details

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