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BP Logix Approvals

There are a few different ways you will see email notifications from BP Logix. This article explains the three different notifications and how to interact with them. This article also explains Knowledge views, as they are key in navigating in BP Logix.

What to Expect When you have a Task

If you are required to perform a task in BP Logix, you will get an email message.  The look of the email depends on what type of task you need to perform.

There are three possible task types

  1. Simple Approval Task
  2. Simple Approval with Comments
  3. Inputs Required to Approve

Simple Approval Task

If the only information requested of you for your task is a Yes/No or Approve/Decline then you will receive an Approval Request email similar to the image below.  The email will contain the information necessary for you to make an informed decision, and buttons by which you can supply your decision.

Simple Approval email

To supply your decision, you can click any of the options in the email.

When you click an option, your response will be captured in BP Logix, your task will be marked complete, and the process will move on to the next step.  

NOTE:  In order to log your response, a browser window in BP will open.  This window will indicate that your response was recorded and your task was completed.  You may close out this window at any time.

Task completed dialogue box

If you should accidentally click another option or come back later and click any options in the email, you will be notified that you have already completed this task.

Previously completed warning


Simple approval with Comments

If comments are enabled, the email you receive will look the same.  The only difference between a simple approval and a simple approval with comments will come after you select a decision option from the email you receive.

Upon selecting an option, BP Logix will open a tab in your default browser.  The screen will reflect the option you selected in the email, and will provide you with an optional comment box. 

To complete your task, you must click OK.

Simple approval with comments


Inputs Required to Approve

If you must provide information other than a comment, your email message will look very different from the simple approvals above.  Your message will still contain a link that will bring you right where you need to be.

The email you receive will indicate the following:

  • The task name assigned to you
  • The form that was completed which resulted in this task assignment
  • The name of the timeline (aka workflow) that the task came from.  

These are all important pieces of information if you are troubleshooting something in Process Director.

 To take action on your task, click the link "Click Here to Perform Task".  This will open the form in BP Logix. 

inputs required in form

When the form is opened in BP, the fields you are able to edit will show as a box or a drop-down.  Your required fields will also be highlighted.

As you see in the image below, the Funding String field is highlighted in yellow, because it is a required field.  The Comment field is not highlighted because it is optional.

At minimum, to complete this particular task, the assigned user will need to add a funding string and click approve as indicated by the red boxes around those items.

To decline ANY request, the required fields may be left blank.  Simply click the Decline button.

Sample of required and optional fields


Allowing Pop Ups for BP Logix

You may need to disable pop up blockers the first time you try to approve a task in BP Logix.  You will only need to do this once until you either get a new computer, or download a new browser.  It may also be required if your computer is reimaged.

You will need to follow this process if you see the below message upon clicking a link in an email from BP Logix. 

NOTE:  Before clicking the link, you should hover over it to confirm it begins with ""

pop up blocked warning

DO NOT click the OK in the warning box. 

1.  Locate and click the small icon with the red 'X' in the URL bar above the warning box.

enlarged icon in url bar

(Location as shown in the image below)

icon in url bar indicated

2.  This will open a dialogue box where Continue blocking is selected by default.

Dialogue box opens

3. Select the Always allow pop-ups and redirects... option

always allow option selected

4.  Click Done

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