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Perceptive Content: "NEW" All Documents Search Options

The article talks about the new search options and how they work.

"NEW" All Documents Search Options

We have created new search options that are easier to find and to bring back faster and more concise results for you.

  • The “L_All Documents search uses a large volume of server resources every time it is used. 
  • The new search options start with L_2All Documents for quick access.
    • They are located at the top of the view screen. 
    • Each search option is looking in a specific set of drawers.
    • Each search option has the same four search options.
    • Each option is searching all the index keys to bring back the best results.
    • Each options only returns the set of documents you have access to.

Looking For Feedback

  • Are the search options returning the results you need?
    • If not, what are your suggestions?
    • Comments/Ideas to make these better?

Finding and Using the New Options

Choose Documents and the search options will be listed at the top of the view screen.

  • L_2All Documents_Budget Information
  • L_2All Documents_Curriculum
  • L_2All Documents_HR Docs
  • L_2All Documents_Student Records

Search Options

The search options are the same for each. 

Each option is looking in all 5 index keys simultaneously to find a match.

  • Contains
    • not sure of what is enter into the 1 of the 5 index keys
  • Ends With
    • first name
    • last digits of an account number
  • Is Equal To
    • campus ID
    • empl ID
    • payroll ID
  • Starts With
    • last name
    • beginning of an account number

Perceptive Content Desktop

ImageNow Desktop Client Image

ImageNow Desktop Image

Perceptive Experience

This search is using the L_2All Document_Curriculum 

This image shows the new L_2All Documents_Curriculum Search option.

This search us using the L_2All Document_Student Records

This image shows the new search option using the L_2All Document_Student Records.

List of the specific drawers each search option for your reference:

L_2All Documents_Budget Information

  • L_Acct Accounting
  • L_Acct Forms
  • L_Acct Gen Ledge
  • L_Acct Maint Form
  • L_Acct Rate Request Form
  • L_PMM Credit Card
  • L_PMM Purchasing
  • L_PMM ShopUW+
  • L_PP DFD Projects
  • L_SBS Daily Revenue Deposits
  • L_UF Forms
  • L_VC Budget

L_2All Documents_Curriculum

  • L_Curr Courses
  • L_Curr Minutes
  • L_Curr Program

L_2All Documents_HR Docs

  • L_Forms
  • L_HR Forms Secure
  • L_HR Shared
  • L_HR StoutOnline ES Forms
  • L_HR Summer Contracts (Shared)

L_2All Documents_Student Records

  • L_AC Advisement
  • L_AC Change of Major
  • L_ADM
  • L_ADM Transfer
  • L_ART Advisement
  • L_GS Admissions
  • L_GS Application Materials
  • L_OIE Student Records
  • L_RR Credit by Exam
  • L_RR Outreach
  • L_RR Outreach Admissions
  • L_RR Shared
  • L_RR Substitution Waiver
  • L_RR WIN SUM Reg Forms
  • L_SOE GradStudents
  • L_SOE Students

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