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New Faculty or Staff Computer: First Login to Windows Computer

There are just a few easy steps to get up and running on a new computer or to log onto to a different campus computer for the first time.

First Login to Computer

Users are encouraged to log on to a new or reimaged computer the first time ON CAMPUS

  1. If logging into a laptop for the first time, ensure that either a wired connection is plugged in or that the wireless on/off button displays as active (see sample image below). On a desktop, plug in a wired Ethernet connection.
    Wireless ButtonEthernet Cable

  2. Enter your campus credentials (username and password). Note: You may have to click to "log on as another user", click an arrow symbol, or just delete a previous-user's username.

    Sign-in screen

  3. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard; please note that the first time a new user logs onto a computer the login process takes a bit longer than usual as the profile is created

  4. Once the desktop appears the computer is ready for use and can leave campus

Launching Microsoft Outlook for the First Time

Microsoft Outlook will automatically configure itself for your campus email. Open Outlook and follow the prompts; accept the defaults. If you are unsure how to launch Outlook, click the Windows key on the keyboard (see image below) and type Outlook, when Outlook appears in the search, highlight Outlook and click the Enter key (Hint: this is a great way to launch other applications as well)

  Windows Key

Installing Printers

Please see our KnowledgeBase articles for [Link for document 46493 is unavailable at this time] or [Link for document 54128 is unavailable at this time]

Scanning on Printers

         Please see our KnowledgeBase articles [Link for document 54344 is unavailable at this time] and [Link for document 55554 is unavailable at this time]

Connecting to Wireless 

eduroam, the preferred campus wireless network, should connect automatically on Domain computers.  If not, see eduroam Wireless Network: Connecting on Windows 11

Installing Software

Campus-licensed software can be installed on campus using software center, which is installed on Domain  computers.  

Note: The application will install in the background.  Installations will vary on size of applications.  If applications says it failed for some reason, please check in program menu to see if program is installed and launch.

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