Skype for Business to Teams Transition

Posted: 13:38:02, Tuesday, Jun 23, 2020   Expiration: 13:38:02, Thursday, Dec 31, 2020  

LIT will be working to transition our campus from Skype for Business to Teams in the upcoming months. Please visit the news pages for details.

What will happen to Skype for Business?  

Microsoft will be discontinuing Skype for Business Online in 2021 and to prepare for that, LIT is beginning to implement a project to transition UW-Stout campus from Skype for Business to Teams.  During this transition, Skype for Business and Teams will continue to be available to all our users and we will roll out changes in incremental stages over the next few months. At the end of the project, Microsoft Teams will be our primary communication and collaboration solution for all communication (phone calls, chats and online meetings).  The Teams migration project will be complete by the end of the calendar year.

What Happens Next?  

*Skype Chat will be disabled for all users on July 15th.  This will eliminate multiple chat clients and begin the standardization to Teams.

We will transition the LIT department to Teams by the end of June, to ensure that Teams will meet our communication and collaboration needs, as well as determine our best path forward with both Skype for Business and Teams.

LIT will be reaching out to departments and groups who have unique phone needs to discuss solutions.

How Can I Use Teams to Chat With Others? 

  • Send a chat anyone on campus, even when they are offline  
  • Initiate and participate in group conversations to quickly share ideas and drive conversation
  • Capture and share an image with contacts quickly for simplified sharing of visuals
  • Access persistent conversation history to easily pick up a conversation at any time 
  • Insert memes and giphys, making communication fun and interactive

What Can You Do?

  • If you would like to be part of an Early Adopters Teams Pilot, submit a technology help desk ticket. 
  • Download the Teams Mobile App on your phone 
  • Subscribe to LIT’s “IT Connection” to receive email updates.  
  • Check out our KB: Microsoft Teams: Help and Tutorials
  • Attend the Getting Started with Teams training. Register on our training calendar.

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