Outlook (Backing Up Email): Preparing for Departure

How to back up emails from your Stout account when departing Stout.


Emails saved or forwarded to a personal email in preparation for departure cannot contain student FERPA data. All emails saved or forwarded can only be personal or professional emails that do not contain confidential Stout data.

Forwarding Emails

  • Emails can be forwarded individually to your personal email account by using the normal forward option.

  • Multiple emails can also be forwarded at once as an attachment. To do this:
    1. In the Outlook desktop app, select the emails you'd like to forward.
      (Hold the CTRL key to select multiple emails)

    2. Right-click one of the selected emails.

    3. Click Forward.

    4. The selected emails will be added as an attachment on a new email.

      ** Be aware of the number of emails you are forwarding as attachments as not to go over the O365 limit. 

Saving Emails

  • A mass of exporting of emails (also known as a .pst file) is not allowed and is blocked by UW Stout O365 policies.

  • Individual emails can be saved using the drag-and-drop method. To do this:
    1.  In the Outlook desktop app, select the emails you'd like to save.
      (Hold the CTRL key to select multiple emails)

    2. Left-click one of the selected emails and drag it to the desktop.

    3. The emails will be downloaded and will show on your desktop.

    4. The emails on your desktop can now be moved to an external drive to back them up.

      ** Be aware that this can take a significant amount of time depending on how many emails you are saving and how large they are.

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