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PaperCut Project

Posted: 2023-08-10 10:47:01   Expiration: 2023-12-29 10:47:01

Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on 2023-08-10 10:47:01. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

PaperCut Project Updates

Over the summer Learning and Information Technology has been working with printing services to expand the use of the PaperCut Print Management System to all 80+ multi-function printers capable of running the software. This project will enhance our campus' security posture and enable a more sustainable and efficient print and scan environment. In addition, the PaperCut print management system will allow for easier management and support.

Phase One (Summer 2023)

Phase Two (September 2023)

Phase Three (October 2023)

PaperCut Printing KB Guides to Print, Scan and Copy 

Phase One (Summer 2023)

Phase One of the project includes the following:

  • Updating an inventory of our printers and identifying which printers are capable of running PaperCut. - Complete
  • Working with departments to identify printers that need to be replaced. - Complete
  • Identifying and confirming funding strings for printers. - Complete
  • Working with our printing vendor, EO Johnson to install the PaperCut software on all multi-function printers capable of running the software. Printer point of contacts will be notified a couple of days before this occurs. - Complete

Printing/Copying/ Scanning will not change during this phase

Phase Two (September 2023)

LIT is currently working through the second phase of the PaperCut project. Phase Two of the project includes the following:

  • Pilot Papercut with School of Art and Design. -Complete
  • LIT will work with departments to determine custom options they desire. - In Progress
  • Business office will be communicating with business managers on any new processes regarding printing costs.
  • Develop a timeline to move to the new PaperCut server.
  • Test printing of unique program needs.
  • Work with EO Johnson to install new printers that are replacing printers. (Week of September 25th)

Phase Three (October 2023)

 Phase Three of the project includes the following:

  • USB printing options at the printer will be disabled. This will provide enhanced security and will allow for more accurate reporting.
  • Communicate the timeline to all campus.
  • Visit each each department and move printers to the new PaperCut Server.

Implementation Schedule

October 30th - November 3rd

Advisement 10/30
BFAS - Vice Chancellor 10/30
Business & Financial Services 10/30
Career Services 10/30
Child and Family Studies 10/30
Marcom 10/30
Registration and Records 10/30
CSTEMM Admin 10/31
English & Philosophy 10/31
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion 10/31
Financial Aid 10/31
Food & Nutrition 10/31
Multi-Cultural Student Services 10/31
Safety & Risk Management 10/31
Security & Police Services 10/31
Human Resources 10/31
Graduate Studies 11/1
Hospitaliaty & Tourism 11/1
Instructional Resources Services 11/1
Library  11/1
Engineering & Technology 11/1
SVRI 11/1
Physical Plant Administration 11/2
Procurement and Materials Management 11/2
Provost Office 11/2
Psychology 11/2
QUBE 11/2
University Advancement 11/2

November 6th - November 10th

Admissions/ School Relations 11/6
Biology, Chemistry and Physics 11/6
PARQ 11/6
Teaching, Learning & Leadership 11/6
Business 11/7
CAHS Admin 11/7
Comm Tech 11/7
CRHS 11/7
Outreach Services 11/7
Discovery Center 11/8
Office of International Education 11/8
Operations & Management 11/8
Math, Stats, & Computer Science 11/8
Physical Education & Athletics 11/9
Stout Online 11/9



PaperCut Printing - What to Expect

After PaperCut is turned on, the user experience will change slightly. 

Installing New PaperCut Printer - IMPORTANT

Before you print to the PaperCut printer, you will need remove your previous printer and add the new PaperCut printer. (Both HP and Mac users will need to log into Admin By Request to update printers.)

Printing with PaperCut 

Printing for most users will remain the same unless you have access to print to multiple funding strings. If you have access to multiple funding strings, you will need to enter your Campus ID at the printer and then select the correct funding string/department from a list of budgets available to you.

Scanning to OneDrive with PaperCut 

All users will need to enter their Campus ID to scan a document.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The first time a person scans, they will need to allow PaperCut to access their OneDrive. After they scan, they will get an email from PaperCut asking them to log into OneDrive. See the KnowledgeBase article for more information.

Copying with PaperCut 

 All users will need to enter their Campus ID to copy a document. See the KnowledgeBase article for additional information.

 PaperCut Troubleshooting 


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