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AV Cart: User Guide and Set-Up

This document will introduce you to classroom set-up and live-sharing options using the AV Cart. It will provide general information about the cart, its remote control, and microphones.

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Rover cart

Video Training & Downloading Kaltura Capture: 

AV Cart Demo

Downloading Kaltura Capture

AV Cart General Information:

  • The system requires about 60 seconds to warm-up and initialize after being connected to a power source.
  • The remote will be located on the shelf of the cart.
  • A pouch located on the cart’s shelf will contain a wireless lavalier microphone.
  • A boundary microphone with an 8-foot cable and 20-foot sound radius is also located on the cart. The microphone can be left on the cart or placed away from the cart within the classroom.
  • The camera features a 320-degree turn

AV Cart Classroom Set-Up:

  1. Plug the power cord into a wall or floor power source.
  2. While the system initializes, connect the USB cable to your laptop.
  3. Connect your computer to the classroom system’s HDM cable.

Using the AV Cart in a Microsoft Teams Event: 

  1. Complete steps 1-3 for AV Cart Classroom Set-Up.
  2. Begin your Teams Event.
  3. From the calling options bar within Teams, click the More actions button (three dots).
  4. From the menu that opens, click Show device setting.
  5. Within Device settings > Audio devices drop-down > click Custom Setup.
  6. If using in a classroom: navigate down to Speaker drop-down > click Crestron.
  7. Navigate down to Microphone drop-down > click Echo Canceling Speakerphone.
  8. Navigate down to Camera drop-down > click AV Bridge 2x1.
  9. Set-up complete. You are ready to begin your event.

AV Cart Remote Control:

  • The remote control can be sensitive and requires you to point it directly at the camera, not off to the side.
  • The remote control can pan left and right, and zoom in and out. 

Changing the Wireless Lavalier Microphones Battery:

If you find the wireless lav mic requires a battery change (light glows orange), perform the following steps:

  1. Push down on the battery situated within the black receiver box (located on the AV cart shelf). It will pop-out of its locked position.
  2. Open the bottom of the microphone’s battery pack.
  3. Remove the low-power battery and replace it with the charged battery.
  4. Insert the low-power battery into the black receiver box on the cart’s shelf for recharging.
  5. Turn on the microphone and the light should now glow green.

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