Available Media Equipment

This document shows the available media equipment for instructional use from Learning and Information Technology.

      Logitech Headset

Logitech H390 Headset

  • Used for video or classroom conferencing.
  • Microphone conveniently located to ensure presenters voice is always heard.
  • May perform better than your laptop's built-in microphone.
  • May offer better sound quality than laptop provides.
  • 5-foot cable length; recommended for situated presenting.

Available from the Technology Help Desk.
No check-out required. Offered to faculty for permanent use.

Available Quantity: 50

       >  Logitech USB Headset: Components, Set-Up, and Troubleshooting

Logitech Conference Camera

Logitech Conference Camera (Alien)

  • Used for lab instruction or video conferencing in classrooms.
  • Offers a 1080 hi-def camera and robust boundary microphone.
  • Included remote control allows for easy camera panning and call management.
  • Provides adequate sound quality within a 20-foot radius.
  • Limited zoom; works best for wider classroom display.
Check-out may be required from the Technology Help Desk.
All General Assigned Classrooms and some labs will offer Logitech Conference Cam.

Available Quantity: 100

    >  Logitech BCC950 Conference Cam: Setting up the ConferenceCam

    >  Logitech Conference Camera Set up Card (Placed with Equipment) 


USB MXL Microphone

  • Used mainly for lab instruction or office spaces.
  • Easy USB plug-and-play connectivity.
  • Provides adequate sound quality within a 20-foot radius.
  • Included cable is 6-feet in length.
  • No camera attachment, for audio use only.
Check-out required from the Technology Help Desk.

Available Quantity: 50

      >  USB MXL Microphone: Set-Up Guide
      >  USB MXL Microphone: Set-Up Card 

USB Hovercam Document Camera

USB HoverCam Document Camera

  • Used mainly for lab use or for document or artwork display presentations.
  • Great for close-up demonstrations
  • Requires software download for use.
  • Can be used as both a doc cam and webcam (not simultaneously).
  • Includes built-in whiteboard software for presenting.
  • Includes built-in light for enhanced document display.
  • Can record video and take still images.
  • Product is lightweight and folds up for convenient mobility.
Check-out required from the Technology Help Desk.

Available Quantity: 40

     >  Hovercam Document Camera: Set-Up Guide 

     >  HoverCam Document Camera Set-Up Card (Placed with Equipment)

     >  HoverCam Training Videos and Tutorials (Solo8 Plus and Flex 11 Software)

Online Presentation Cart

Online Presentation Cart

  • Used mainly for lab instruction or recording videos.
  • Cart design provides easy transportation.
  • Wireless microphone offers mobility while instructing.
  • Includes boundary microphone with a 10-foot cable.
  • Included boundary microphone can capture sound up to 20-feet away.
  • Cart requires outlet power and USB laptop connection to operate.
  • Cart camera offers 320° rotation.
  • Remote control provided to allow for easy zoom.
Online Presentation Cart will be scheduled and housed by departments. Schedules will be coordinated at a department level.
20 carts will be distributed among the academic buildings.

      >  AV Cart: User Guide & Set-Up 

      >  AV Cart: User Guide & Set-Up Card (Placed with Equipment)

       > Downloading Kaltura Capture

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