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Outlook (Web App): Sharing Email Folders

How to share an individual email folder with co-worker or colleague. These steps are the same for individual mail folders and shared mailboxes.

Step 1 - Logging in

Log into Outlook Web App with Stout username and password

Step 2 - Sharing a specific folder

Navigate to the folder that you want to share

Right click on the folder you wish to share and select permissions

Navigate to folder

Step 3 -  Find User 

Click "+" to add user

Add User

Type in the Stout username of the desired recipient until it is listed in the directory. Click on the address or user, which will then fill in box with users information.

Find user

Step 4 - Add User

Click the add button, which will add the user account to the folder you are trying to share.

Add User button

Step 5 - Set Permissions

Highlight the user that was just added and then go to drop down list and to choose and set the permission level.  Warning: It is recommended to give the least amount of permissions as possible and be cautious.  Some permissions levels will allow for folder and email deletion. Note: A list of permissions can be found below.

Set permissions

Note: If you need to revoke or change permission levels for users in the future, this is the place where you would do this.

Permission Level Descriptions:

Permission levels

Step 6 - Permission to View Folder Shared

In order for users to see the folder that was just shared, access must be granted to email account level.

Right click on username and select permissions

Permission to view folder

Step 7 -  Set Checkbox Folder to Visible

Highlight the user the folder was shared with, set folder to visible, and click OK. Once this is done it is recommended to send a courtesy email to the user the folder was just shared with (No automatic notifications are sent for recently shared folders). Include the directions to knowledge base article Outlook (Web App): View a Shared Email Folder or [Link for document 72931 is unavailable at this time] 

Folder Visible

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