EAB NAVIGATE: Create an Appointment Campaign

An Appointment Campaign is a way for you to manage correspondence with a specific group of students with whom you want to meet. You can send them a request to meet and they will be able to view your availability and schedule an appointment accordingly.

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Find the Campaigns Section

  1. From any page in Navigate, select the Appointment Campaigns icon from the left side navigation.  This icon looks like a graph and when you hover over it, will show "Campaigns."
  2. On the right side of the page, under the Actions section, select Appointment Campaign.
       See AppointmentCampaigns for step-by-step instructions with images.

Define the Campaign

NOTE: Ensure that you have created campaign availability in your calendar on Navigate that matches the location you set for this campaign.  Please see EAB NAVIGATE: Set Up Your Availability  for more information on how to do this.

  1. Create a Campaign Name (students will not see the name of the campaign)
  2. Click the Care Unit dropdown menu to select an appropriate care unit.
  3. Choose a Location for where students will meet you.  
  4. Choose the Services for which you are available.  NOTE: Ensure that you have created campaign availability in your calendar on Navigate that matches the service(s) you set for this campaign.  For example: if in your advising campaign, you say you will be available for "registration," you must also have chosen "registration" as a service you are available for in your availability.
  5. Set a Begin Date and End Date for the campaign, this is the date range for which you want the campaign to run.  If a student tries to schedule outside of that time period, they will receive a message stating that the campaign has expired.  NOTE: Ensure that you have created campaign availability in your calendar on Navigate that matches the dates you set for this campaign.  
  6. Set an Appointment Limit for how many appointments a student can schedule during the campaign.
  7. Set an Appointment Length for how long you want the appointments to last.
  8. Indicate Slots Per Time which is the amount of students allowed to sign up per appointment.
  9. Click Continue.

Add Students

  1. Use the Advanced Search to search for students in several ways:
    • Find them individually through the Keyword or Student Information search.
    • Find a group of students by searching with other information (fields listed on page).
    • You may also select the Saved Search dropdown menu, which will bring up previous searches you've saved.
  2. If you want to only return students assigned to you, also click the box beside "My Students Only" next to the Search button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click Search.
  4. When you have found the students you wish to include in your campaign, select the box by their name.
  5. Click the Continue.
  6. Click Add More Students for as many other groups of students as you wish to add.  When complete, click Continue.

Add Staff

If you have correctly set up your availability for campaigns, then you should see your name on the next page under "Add Organizers To Campaign."  If applicable, select other advisors to join your campaign.  If you don't see the correct advisors, review their availability by or visit EAB NAVIGATE: Set Up Your Availability .

Compose Your Message

  1. Create a Subject Line for your email
  2. In the next box, edit the text for the email.  Default is Please schedule your advising appointment. NOTE: Always be sure to keep the Schedule Link in your email body, if that is removed students will be unable to schedule appointments.
  3. In the instructions and notes box, add any details about the appointment that you would like to display on the scheduling landing page.  For example, This is a registration appointment to ensure you register for Fall 2020 classes.  Please bring a list of courses you are interested in.
  4. As you edit these fields, the text in the box below will show how your edits will appear in the message.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen.  On the left tab, you will see a snapshot of what the email the student receives will look like.
  6. On the right tab, you will see the scheduling landing page.  This is where the student will be directed to choose a time for their appointment when they click the link in their email.

Confirm and Send

Review the details of your campaign.  When you are ready, click send to issue the email to the students on the list.

Faculty & staff members can find additional helpful materials in the EAB Navigate Training Course (self-enroll link) on the Canvas platform.

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