New Faculty and Staff Technology Orientation

New Faculty and Staff Technology Orientation

Welcome new faculty and staff!

The following KnowledgeBase articles address some of the necessary actions, important information, and most-common questions for people new to our campus IT environment.

Activating a Stout account

The one-time action of activating your Stout account for use of campus computing resources will provide new users with their Campus Credentials and Email Addresses Explained . Faculty and staff are notified by the hiring manager or department when accounts are ready for activation. To activate your campus account (including email) and to enroll in 2-Step Authentication using Duo you will need: 

Activate new account (Faculty and Staff)

*If you do not have a smart phone, you will need to visit the Technology Help Desk in room 109 of Sorensen Hall to activate your account. 

Accessing Stout email 

UW-Stout email is offered though Office 365 for Education. Log in from the Logins page ( on the Stout homepage or using the full email address and password you established during activation. LIT strongly encourages new users to maintain a separate, personal email address and reserve Stout email for campus business exclusively.

Office 365: Learning Center

How to Access UW-Stout Email Account 

Outlook (Mobile App): Accessing Email on Mobile Devices   Please Note:  The recommended and supported option for accessing UW-Stout email on all mobile devices is the Outlook Mobile App.

Obtaining a Campus Computer

UW-Stout computers are not centrally purchased. Departments provide the appropriate computing resources for new faculty and staff. Please consult your department.

New Faculty or Staff Computer -- First Login to Windows Computer 

Accessing the Stout network and the internet

UW-Stout offers faculty, staff, and students the ability to independently connect to the campus network wirelessly (StoutSecure) and wired through an online registration process (Netreg).

StoutSecure Wireless Network: Connecting on a Windows-based computer 
Netreg: Registering multiple wired devices for use on the campus network

Installing Software

Windows users, visit the Software Center to install campus software applications available to faculty and staff. Apple users can install via Self Service. See Requesting new software (for faculty and staff)  for information on departmental and lab purchases of software titles that are currently not available.

Back Up Files and Data Responsibility

Data backup is the responsibility of the user. OneDrive for Business, Microsoft's cloud-based solution, is the recommended backup solution. External devices should not be used to store sensitive data unless properly encrypted. Some departments subscribe to StoutFS, an on-campus file share, for document storage. There is no single backup option that is best for every user, but it is imperative that every user back up frequently using a resource that suits their needs and usage.

Data Responsibility and Backup 
OneDrive for Business: Back up files to OneDrive for Education via browser
OneDrive for Business: Sync OneDrive for Education (Business) on a Windows-based computer 
StoutFS Explained 

Store and Share data Securely

Data security is a priority at UW-Stout. Resources are available to explain levels of access, password requirements, and appropriate use of external systems for data storage and for conducting university business or instruction.

Print to Departmental Printers

Most campus printers can be installed by the end user using our print utility.

Networking Printing (Windows Computers): Installing Campus Printers 
Networking Printing (Apple, Faculty/Staff): Installing Campus Printers - Advanced 

Scanning to Departmental Printers

Network Scanning: Configure scans folder to OneDrive

Printer Scanning: Choose scan folder at Lanier/Ricoh Printer

Work from off campus

Many campus systems can be accessed from off-campus with a VPN connection

VPN (Windows): Installation and Connection  
[Link for document 46881 is unavailable at this time.]  

VPN (Mac): Installation and Connection


Stout does not currently employ a technology trainer, but faculty, staff, and students have access to exceptional online tutorials via LinkedIn Learning.

Visit HR's New Employee page for great orientation materials!

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