BankMobile Disbursements

Refunds for overpayment of tuition are distributed by BankMobile Disbursements (formerly HigherOne). Please visit Student Business Services refund page for more information about eRefunds.


Digital instruction materials. 

Stout's Instructional Resources Service maintains a SharePoint websitefor students and faculty.

Technical Support during office hours:
(715) 232-2492


A FOB is a standalone, one-time password device for 2-Step authentication. The FOB provides a security token that allows access to a network service when a phone is not available for DUO push.

Global Address List

The Global Address List (GAL) is a directory of users within UW-Stout's Office 365 environment.  It is commonly referred to as People in the 365 environment.  It contains the names and e-mail addresses of faculty and staff at UW-Stout. HR creates and maintains the GAL. The GAL can also contain e-mail addresses for external contacts, distribution lists, conference rooms, and equipment.

Library Databases and Resources

Access to Library subscription databases is available to students who are currently enrolled and to all currently-employed faculty and staff plus emeritus. Library staff maintain a page explaining eligibility, along with a list of common problems.


Outlook Web App (OWA)

Microsoft's web-based email client, part of Microsoft 365, is used to check Stout email from a web browser.

Perceptive Content: Batch Mode

  • Multiple documents are scanned or printed into ImageNow and indexed later.  
  • A batch can be indexed individually or the whole batch can be indexed all at once.  

ImageNow: Print Options_Batch settings​​​
ImageNow: Capture Profile Batch Mode​​​

Perceptive Content: Batches

  • Multiple documents can be scanned or printed into ImageNow all at once.
  • The documents can be indexed later or by someone other than the originator.
  • The group of documents can be indexed to multiple individuals.
  • "Batches" listed on the ImageNow tool bar.
    • Batched documents are stored here until indexed for processing or storage.

Perceptive Content: Thumbnails

  • Shows the pages of the documents at the bottom on the screen. 
  • This feature can be turned on or off by the user as needed.

    Perceptive Content (Desktop Client)

    • Click View > Thumbnails

    Screenshot of Perceptive Content showing the Thumbnail option of the View tab

    Perceptive Experience (Web Client)

    • Click the Show or Hide Thumbnails button (top right, 9 squares in a grid).

    Screenshot of Perceptive Experience with the Thumbnail button circled in red

    Perceptive Content: Thumbnails 

    Perceptive Content: WebForms


    • Webforms are forms that are filled out within a browser.
    • The completed form submits directly into Perceptive Content/ImageNow for processing.
    • The completed form submits directly into BP Logix.for processing.

    Perceptive Content: Available Information

    The following information is available to you because you have an ImageNow/Perceptive Content  Account

    • 1L_WebForms (aka Fly Away Forms)
    • Accounting Documents – Invoices, Travel Docs
    • Curriculum Documents – Courses, Minutes, Program
    • Instructional Resources – Books for Courses
    • Purchase Orders
    • Declaration of Authority
    • Fleet Vehicle Reservation
    • Registration & Records Curriculum Changes
    • Senate Information


    WeBWork is a learning management system used in some math courses. WeBWork is maintained by the Mathematics Statistics and Computer Science department. Please direct questions to the instructor.