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Azure Development Tools for Teaching

Microsoft Development Tools for Teaching -- Formerly Microsoft Imagine, DreamSpark Premium (formerly MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDNAA)) is a Microsoft program available to all Stout students and faculty in order to acquire licensed copies of some Microsoft software. 

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Support can be obtained by calling Microsoft at (866) 643-9421

This program is not available to staff.


ePortfolio is a tool for students of the School of Education. ePortfolio accounts are created by the user; Stout credentials are not used. More information can be found on the School of Education's ePortfolio website.

eStout Student Laptop Transfer Program

An eStout program that transfers ownership of a two-year-old laptop to qualifying graduates at no additional cost.

Films on Demand and Alexander Street Video

Films on Demand and Alexander Street Video are educational online streaming services hosted by the UW-Stout Library. Instructors can incorporate videos into courses provided through Canvas.


A FOB is a standalone, one-time password device for 2-Step authentication. The FOB provides a security token that allows access to a network service when a phone is not available for DUO push.

Multifactor Authentication/MFA (2-Step)

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a security system that requires more than one method of authentication from independent categories of credentials to verify the user's identity for a login or other transaction.

Perceptive Content: Capture Profile

  • Capture Profiles:
    • Printing options when printing documents into the Perceptive Content Desktop Client.
    • Users can have as many capture profile options they need.
    • Capture profiles are saved locally on computers under the users login.
    • Capture profiles can route the document to a specific workflow queue.
    • Capture profiles are backed up and can be restored when needed.

ImageNow: Capture Profile Forms Workflow​​​
ImageNow: Capture Profile HR ES Forms​​​
ImageNow: Capture Profile Card Access​​​
ImageNow: Capture Profile Batch Mode​​​

Perceptive Content: Folders

  • Folders bundle documents together in groups, similar to a manila folder.
  • The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs uses folders for routing grants for approvals.
  • Admissions uses folders for their student records.
  • When routing folders through workflow.
    • Desktop Client: The routing options are found at the top of the folder, all documents need to be closed in-order to route the folder.
    • Perceptive Experience: Routing options will be at the top of the page, all documents need to be closed in-order to route the folder.

  ImageNow: Routing Folders 

Perceptive Content: Forms Workflow

The Forms Workflow is unique to UW-Stout.

  • It is a temporary holding area for documents to be stored, routed, and signed.
  • The L_Forms drawer is a holding drawer.
  • No documents permanently live in L_Forms drawer.
  • Once the documents are processed, they are re-indexed into their permanent drawer.

Forms Application plan:   ~L_Forms

  • F1 = Last Name, First Name (can be left blank if document isn’t associated to a person)
  • F2 = Username (automatically populated)
  • F3 = Date/Time (automatically populated)
  • F4 = Subject (for additional information if needed, can be left blank)
  • F5 = Reservation # or Payroll ID (Leave blank, this one is for Dining or HR)
  • Document Type (you must select the correct document type - it may affect later archiving and routing)

Perceptive Content: L_1Forms Complete

  • L_1Forms Complete workflow queue is a University of Wisconsin Stout – Term.
  • Documents are routed to their processing department based on their document type.
  • The last signer:
    • Will route to L_1Forms Complete.
    • The form may indicate a different route, which takes priority.
  • If a specified route doesn’t exist:
    • The document will route to an error queue.
    • The ImageNow team will re-route the document.
    • The ImageNow team will work with the department to designate a new route.

Also refer to:    Perceptive Content: L_1Forms Complete 

Perceptive Content: Prefixes

  • Prefixes:  What do they mean? 

  • How does the University of Wisconsin - Stout use prefixes within Perceptive Content (ImageNow)

Prefixes represent the department that owns the drawers, views, document types.

Prefix Department Owner
J University of Wisconsin - River Falls
L University of Wisconsin - Stout
L_AC Advisement Center
L_Acct Accounting Services
L_ADM Admissions
L_ART Art Department
L_CCO Campus Card Office
L_CO Chancellor's Office
L_Curr Curriculum
L_Disability Services  Disability Services
L_DOS Dean of Students Office
L_DS Dining Services
L_E-Stout Client Tech Services
L_EIS  Enterprise Information Systems
L_FinAid Financial Aid
L_Forms Temporary Holding drawer
L_GS Graduate Studies
L_HC Honors College
L_HR Human Resources
L_HS Hazard Assessments
L_IM Marketing Communications (MarCom)
L_IRS Instructional Resources
L_OIE Office of International Education
L_PARQ Planning, Assessment, Research, and Quality (PARQ)
L_Perk Perkins Load/Collections
L_PMM Procurement and Materials Management
L_PO Provost Office
L_PP Facilities Management
L_PSYC Psychology Department
L_RC Rehabilitation & Counseling Department
L_RM Safety and Risk Management
L_RR Registration and Records
L_RS Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
L_SBS Student Business Services
L_Senate Senate of Academic Staff
L_SO Stout Online - Distance Education
L_SOE School of Education
L_SPS Security and Police Services
L_STTI Stout Technology Transfer Institute
L_SVRI Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute
L_UF University Advancement  (University Foundation)
L_VC Vice Chancellor's Office  (ASLS)
L_WC Writing Center

Perceptive Content: Route Forward

Route Forward Options

  • Is a predefined list.
  • The list can be adjusted upon request, with limited exceptions. 
  • This is the list of people you route to most often.
  • Can be referred to as your "short" list.

Perceptive Content: WebForms


  • Webforms are forms that are filled out within a browser.
  • The completed form submits directly into Perceptive Content/ImageNow for processing.
  • The completed form submits directly into BP Logix.for processing.

Perceptive Content: Workflow Queue

  • Electronic in basket.
  • Holds documents for processing.
  • Workflow queues are based on permissions and processes.
  • People may have multiple workflow queues.


Perceptive Content: Available Information

The following information is available to you because you have an ImageNow/Perceptive Content  Account

  • 1L_WebForms (aka Fly Away Forms)
  • Accounting Documents – Invoices, Travel Docs
  • Curriculum Documents – Courses, Minutes, Program
  • Instructional Resources – Books for Courses
  • Purchase Orders
  • Declaration of Authority
  • Fleet Vehicle Reservation
  • Registration & Records Curriculum Changes
  • Senate Information


IP telephony software that lets users send and receive telephone calls over the internet using a computer rather than using dedicated telephone hardware. It is typically used with a headset and microphone.