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Stout's Instructional Resources Service maintains a SharePoint websitefor students and faculty.

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Films on Demand and Alexander Street Video

Films on Demand and Alexander Street Video are educational online streaming services hosted by the UW-Stout Library. Instructors can incorporate videos into courses provided through Canvas.

Perceptive Content: Index Standards

University of Wisconsin-Stout:  Index Standards for Perceptive Content (ImageNow)

  • Date:   yyyy-mm-dd  (ex. 2015-07-01 must show leading zeros)  
  • PO Number:   FY#### (ex. 150001 this is a six digit number)  
  • Campus ID:  ####### (seven digit number)  
  • Employee ID:  ######## (eight digit number)  
  • Payroll ID:  ######## (eight digit number)  
  • Name:  Last, First (legal name versus preferred name)  
  • Course ID:  SUBJECT course# section# (ex. MUSIC 396B 903C) no dashes used  
  • Term:  yyyyXXX (ex.  2015FA, 2015WIN, 2015SP, 2015SU)  
  • Funding:  ###-#-###### (FUND-PROG-UDDS)  (EX.  102-1-811001)  
  • UDDS:  ######  (six digit number) (ex. 811001)

Perceptive Content: Indexing (Linking)

ImageNow-Perceptive Content Linking:   The process that assigns the document keys for document retrieval.

  • This process is currently used by a couple of departments on campus.
  •  Indexing:
    • Application plans are used during the linking/indexing/scraping process.
    • Defines designated fields that will be used to hold data in order for fast and seamless document retrieval.
  • Scraping:
    • Is the process of using Access Stout (also known as PeopleSoft) to populate the fields.
    • This process helps to eliminate human error.
  • Auto indexing process:
    • Routing a document through workflow to set the index values of the document.
    • Most common re-indexing work flow queues are:
      • global_reindex_ft5: uses field 5 campus ID.
      • global_reindex_ft5_empl: uses field 5 empl ID.
    • Scripts within the workflow queue will set the Campus ID, Name, and Empl ID.
    • Scripts use the Access Stout database for this process.
  • Scraping:
    • Is the process of using Access Stout (also known as PeopleSoft) to populate the fields.
    • This process helps to eliminate human error.
  • Re-linking
    • The L_Forms drawer documents will be “re-linked” once they are processed
    • The document will be assigned its permanent index fields.
  • Custom Properties
    • An option when more index fields are needed.

Perceptive Content: Perceptive Content Desktop Client vs Perceptive Experience

Perceptive Experience

  • Recommended for faculty/staff who are processing/signing documents
  • Web version - no installation required
  • Perceptive Experience login option can be found on the StoutCloud homepage
  • All browsers are supported
  • 2-step authentication is required: 2-Step Authentication

Perceptive Content Desktop Client:

  • Recommended for staff who need to print documents into Perceptive Content for archival/processing purposes
  • Compatible with Windows computers only
    • Mac Computers - Perceptive Content desktop client isn't supported
  • Allows printing documents into the system and processing volumes documents
  • Installing the client: Software Center
  • 2-step authentication is required  2-Step Authentication

Perceptive Content: Prefixes

  • Prefixes:  What do they mean? 

  • How does the University of Wisconsin - Stout use prefixes within Perceptive Content (ImageNow)

Prefixes represent the department that owns the drawers, views, document types.

Prefix Department Owner
J University of Wisconsin - River Falls
L University of Wisconsin - Stout
L_AC Advisement Center
L_Acct Accounting Services
L_ADM Admissions
L_ART Art Department
L_CCO Campus Card Office
L_CO Chancellor's Office
L_Curr Curriculum
L_Disability Services  Disability Services
L_DOS Dean of Students Office
L_DS Dining Services
L_E-Stout Client Tech Services
L_EIS  Enterprise Information Systems
L_FinAid Financial Aid
L_Forms Temporary Holding drawer
L_GS Graduate Studies
L_HC Honors College
L_HR Human Resources
L_HS Hazard Assessments
L_IM Marketing Communications (MarCom)
L_IRS Instructional Resources
L_OIE Office of International Education
L_PARQ Planning, Assessment, Research, and Quality (PARQ)
L_Perk Perkins Load/Collections
L_PMM Procurement and Materials Management
L_PO Provost Office
L_PP Facilities Management
L_PSYC Psychology Department
L_RC Rehabilitation & Counseling Department
L_RM Safety and Risk Management
L_RR Registration and Records
L_RS Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
L_SBS Student Business Services
L_Senate Senate of Academic Staff
L_SO Stout Online - Distance Education
L_SOE School of Education
L_SPS Security and Police Services
L_STTI Stout Technology Transfer Institute
L_SVRI Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute
L_UF University Advancement  (University Foundation)
L_VC Vice Chancellor's Office  (ASLS)
L_WC Writing Center

Tax Documents: getmydocument.com

Student Business Services (SBS) emails tax info (1098-T/1098-E) to students.  Using the information provided in the email, students then retrieve tax documents from getmydocument.com. Tax-related emails to students originate from UW-System administration (example: 1098@eforms.uwsa.edu).Visit the SBS site for more information.

As with any email requesting action that you did not initiate, if you are concerned that the message may not be legitimate, contact the office of origin for verification.