Outlook Web App (OWA)

Microsoft's web-based email client, part of Microsoft 365, is used to check Stout email from a web browser.

Perceptive Content: Drawers

ImageNow: Drawers

  • Drawers are where the documents are stored in the electronic file cabinet. 
  • Permissions are usually set at the drawer level.


Technical Definition: 


  • Drawers provide the first hierarchical level of organization for ImageNow/Perceptive Content documents.
  • A drawer is used to separate documents and folders into logical categories.
  • Some users think of drawers as individual departments or as a file cabinet drawer.  
  • Drawers are created based on permissions – who needs to view/process the documents that live in a specific drawer.


Perceptive Content: Forms Workflow

The Forms Workflow is unique to UW-Stout.

  • It is a temporary holding area for documents to be stored, routed, and signed.
  • The L_Forms drawer is a holding drawer.
  • No documents permanently live in L_Forms drawer.
  • Once the documents are processed, they are re-indexed into their permanent drawer.

Forms Application plan:   ~L_Forms

  • F1 = Last Name, First Name (can be left blank if document isn’t associated to a person)
  • F2 = Username (automatically populated)
  • F3 = Date/Time (automatically populated)
  • F4 = Subject (for additional information if needed, can be left blank)
  • F5 = Reservation # or Payroll ID (Leave blank, this one is for Dining or HR)
  • Document Type (you must select the correct document type - it may affect later archiving and routing)

Perceptive Content: Route Anywhere

Route Anywhere Option

  • Route Anywhere is a list of everyone in a specific workflow session.
  • This can be referred to as your long list.
  • This list cannot be modified.
  • University of Wisconsin Stout has 50+ workflow sessions.

ImageNow: Route Anywhere Options​​​
ImageNow: Routing Options Defined​​​

Perceptive Content: Route Forward

Route Forward Options

  • Is a predefined list.
  • The list can be adjusted upon request, with limited exceptions. 
  • This is the list of people you route to most often.
  • Can be referred to as your "short" list.

Perceptive Content: Views

Perceptive Content/Perceptive Experience

  • Customized search options for quick document retrieval
  • Customized for your convenience
  • L_WebForms (aka Fly Away Forms)
    • Specific for finding webforms
      • Webforms are forms that submit to ImageNow
    • Shows the newest 100 documents
  • How to turn on the view mode:  Turn on/off the Views Pane
  • Toolbar default settings:  Setting Defaults
  • Please contact the Technology Help Desk if an update is needed

Perceptive Content: WebForms


  • Webforms are forms that are filled out within a browser.
  • The completed form submits directly into Perceptive Content/ImageNow for processing.
  • The completed form submits directly into BP Logix.for processing.

Perceptive Content: What is it?

ImageNow/Perceptive Content/Perceptive Experience is an electronic file system with electronic in baskets.

ImageNow is an enterprise document management system with workflow capabilities. ImageNow is used extensively across campus in place of paper for secure document storage, faster retrieval and dissemination. 

ImageNow provides the following:

  • Secure Electronic Document Storage  (electronic file cabinet)

  • Electronic Workflow  (electronic in basket)

  • Allows document sharing across campus

Perceptive Content: Workflow Queue

  • Electronic in basket.
  • Holds documents for processing.
  • Workflow queues are based on permissions and processes.
  • People may have multiple workflow queues.



WeBWork is a learning management system used in some math courses. WeBWork is maintained by the Mathematics Statistics and Computer Science department. Please direct questions to the instructor.

Windows Media Audio (.wma)

Windows Media Audio (WMA) is the name of a series of audio codecs and their corresponding audio coding formats developed by Microsoft. It is a proprietary technology that forms part of the Windows Media framework.


WinEst is an application managed by the Construction Department for Construction students. Students should contact their Construction instructors and faculty or the department chair for information.